20 April 2012

NetBSD on Amazon EC2

As some of you know, I've been maintaining Amazon EC2 AMIs running NetBSD for a little while now, and after a few requests, I'm happy to say I've finally cleaned them up to a point where I'm comfortable sharing them with others.

The original scripts these are based on were written by Jean-Yves Migeon, another NetBSD developer.  I've cleaned them up and modified them quite a bit.

To get started rolling your own NetBSD AMIs, you'll need an Amazon EC2 account, and a NetBSD system with the misc/ec2-api-tools package installed.  (Note that as of this writing, you may need to install the required openjdk7 package from source, rather than using a binary package from ftp.netbsd.org;  hopefully this will be fixed soon)  Once the package is installed, you should follow the Amazon documentation on Getting Started with the Command Line Tools for more infomation on the commands that the ec2-api-tools package provides.

The actual scripts can be downloaded here, or you can check them out with CVS from anoncvs.netbsd.org, in the othersrc module, in share/examples/ec2.  Be sure to read the README!

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